precise and crisp information for travellers on road between bangalore and mysore courtesy information on omus’s blog. thankyou omus.

Omus's Weblog

Courtesy: Google Maps

Like many Travel loving Bangaloreans, I am also one of them, who has travelled a lot in Bangalore-Mysore highway. Most reviews of this road is part of a big travelogue mainly Bangalore-Ooty or Bangalore-Mangalore or Bangalore-Coorg etc. Sadly there is no such blog which talks about just this and this highway only (as far as I could search in Google). So I decided to fill up this vacuum. Hope I am successful to some extent in this attempt. As I travel more n more on this road, I will definitely try out new outlets and post my reviews here. Request readers also to provide their valuable inputs.Your help in reviews and inputs will certainly help in capturing every single milestone of this 135 odd kms highway.

SH17, one of the most important highways of Karnataka, connects two biggest IT centers of Karnataka: Bangalore and Mysore. Certainly can be called IT nerve of…

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