Landmark of Lonavala

Maganlal chikki


They are actually responsible for bringing Lonavala on the tourist map of being the best weekend getaway destination .A story goes that when the railway line was being layed from Mumbai to Lonavala in the early 1900 s maganlals father prepared an energy bar made from jaggery ,clarified ghee and peanuts and supplied it to the workers . After the railway line was ready the travellers traveling in the train stopping at the Lonavala station bought these energy bars called chikki from him. Soon enough he became a legend.

You can go through the link and even order online . The different varieties with cost is available on their site itself. The real original shop is next to the railway station .

Coopers fudges and chikki

The next hidden gem of Lonavala šŸ˜

This hidden gem too is next to railway station and next to the original maganlal chikki shop .Don’t get confused just buy their almond fudge and experience heaven on earth and I am not exaggerating at all. The cost is around 1400 rs per kg which they give in a lil box with a spoon .

Khurja pottery

Khurja pottery of Uttar Pradesh dates back to 500 years. It’s heavy and hand painted with vibrant colours and is a collectors delight There are several shops lining theĀ dam area adjacent to the seasonal waterfall and the parking as soon as you cross theBridge to your right . Don’t worry about either the shop or the price ,just enter andĀ choose as all the shops are branches belonging to the same Seth. Bargaining is aroundĀ 20-25% from your total. But be rest assured that only the best classic pieces end upĀ so far away from the original source of manufacturing .A few things that I collected were blue and white tea mugs ,soup bowls ,snack bowls ,dahi handi,daal handi and a very cute dresser kind of piece that had drawers attached to it to store dry spices in the kitchen that costed rs 100 for each drawer and let me tell you that’s a steal.

Tungi Fort

“One can go on a drive to ‘tungi fort . The entire journey is beautiful in the monsoons with waterfalls ,brooks ,streams in full spate with mysterious clouds and fog all throughout the journey. You need to track to tungi fort from the base of the foothill.

You will find a temple at the base of the fort from where you can trek upwards the winding paths to the fort .

Lonavala is famous for its drive ,the waterfalls ,bhushi dam on Indrayani river and for a beautiful emerald green Pavana lake next to tungi fort .At lions point you can enjoy some pakodas or bhajjias as called in Maharashtra with tea or coffee from a red colour food truck placed strategically by a father son duo. They will enthrall you with innumerable anecdotes from the past.



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SH17, one of the mostĀ important highways of Karnataka, connects two biggest IT centers of Karnataka: Bangalore and Mysore. Certainly can be called IT nerve ofā€¦

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